Growing Pineapples

Photo by Pineapple Supply Co. on

When I think of summer, Hawaii usually comes to mind. One of my favorite treats from the Hawaiian islands is pineapple. Here in Southern California you can buy pineapples at your local grocery store. A few months back I did that very thing. I had been told you can grow your own pineapple plant from the crown of a pineapple.

Well I tried this. I cut off the crown and stuck it in the ground and waited…. I waited a long long time.

I can tell you now after 3 months… nothing happened! WHAT?! What did I do wrong?! Well I left the pineapple flesh on. When I did that, it started to rot away in the soil. Instead of roots, I got rot.

A month after that initial experiment, I decided to do some research. This time, I decided to take the crown off by twisting it. Like magic, I de-crowned Piña. I pealed back the dead-ish leaves at the bottom and had about an inch of stem. Now at this point, there were the starts of roots. I left it to soak about a week. I did this all around mid May 2020.

You can see the starts of roots coming off the base of the crown that is being soaked.

After about a week of soaking in the splendor of water, I thought she had had enough of that, so I planted little Piña in a recycled 1 gallon pot. I put her in direct sun light. Oooops! That was a mistake. Here leaves got burned after a day of direct heat. She wasn’t too happy but I decided to try to save her. I moved her into the shade and honestly kind of forgot about her for a few weeks. I would water her every so often but basically thought I had killed her.

A few weeks ago when i was watering I thought I’d give her a tug. She was sticking. Baby girl sprouted roots! As you can see she has grown some nice ones.

Baby got roots!!

So after disturbing her a little from her little pot, I though that 1gallon is a little small for her. I know she can grow big so I moved her into a big 10 gallon bucket. I gave her more soil some compost, and some worm castings. I am keeping her in the shade she does get a few hours of direct sun but they are fewer than full sun. Once she gets more established, I may move her but she is pretty happy right now. Hopefully she will be blessing me with pineapples in 2 years.

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